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The Resilient Retail Game Plan

Sep 16, 2021

As we’ve covered over the last 10 or so episodes, there’s a lot to consider and arrange when it comes to getting ready for the festive season. From securing stock to marketing and delivery, there are so many moving parts to keep track of, and as the orders fly in and things get busier, it’s all too easy to lose focus, make mistakes and burn out. 

Strategising week-by-week might be effective for the majority of your trading year, but once the holidays roll around you really need to look at the entire festive period in one go to best set yourself up for stress-free success.

From charting the most important festive deadlines and events to matching up your messaging with customer buying patterns, the key to a successful Christmas is a great deal of preparation, so in today's episode, we’ll look at putting together a trading calendar to help give ourselves a clear overview of the busiest time of the year for retail.