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The Resilient Retail Game Plan

Dec 24, 2020

You may have only just recovered from the Christmas rush but after some well-deserved rest and relaxation, we need to click ‘reset’ on our seasonal sales strategies and ‘snap-back’ to business as normal so that we hit the ground running in January and make sure that our creative products align with the changing needs and desires of our customers as we enter a new year.

In this episode of The Resilient Retail Game Plan, I want to give you 5 areas of your business that you can review so that you’re sitting pretty for a (fingers crossed) better and brighter year as a business owner in 2021.

I’ll discuss the importance of shifting or storing seasonal stock to make way for a refreshed range of “New Year, New You” products; we’ll cover switching your Christmas-focused messaging and website information back to a standard setup, and we’ll also look at the value to your mental health of decluttering your workspace and going over your finances.