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The Resilient Retail Game Plan

Jun 9, 2022

From content recommendations tailored to viewing habits, to refilling prescriptions via a smartphone, the growing convergence of tech and personalisation continues to provide consumers with more and more specific options in an ever-increasingly efficient package. 

We’re used to Amazon suggesting additional purchases based on our previous orders and are likely all familiar with being offered something to ‘watch next’ on Youtube - but there are now a number of industries outside typical retail that are seeing the benefits and potential in leveraging e-commerce tech and media to better serve their clients.

In today's episode of The Resilient Retail Game plan, I speak to the founder and CEO of The Healing Company, Simon Belsham. With a vision to inspire and lead the way to a healthier world through effective alternative healing methods, Simon and The Healing Company aim to build a community of brands that focus on promoting wellness and improving people's quality of life by harnessing the tech tools of e-commerce and offering personalised healthcare solutions.

In this podcast, we talk about experiential retail and how immersive consumer offerings are being made possible via technology and how understanding people's stories helps businesses and brands personalise solutions for their customers. We also discuss the importance of close personal connections in securing trusted recommendations and the role social media and dark social play in customer conversations.

Connect with The Healing Company at:

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