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The Resilient Retail Game Plan

Dec 23, 2021

With Christmas Day but a few sleeps away, I hope you and your business have not only survived but thrived this festive season, and hopefully, you can look forward to some well-deserved rest once those last few orders are picked, packed and shipped! 

Never one to rest on my laurels I’m already looking ahead to 2022 to try and ascertain what trends we could expect to see, even whilst the shadow of Omicron-driven uncertainty stretches into next year. 

In today’s episode, pulled from my research as a Forbes contributor, I cover the four key themes that I believe will shape the next year in retail. We’ll look at how customers want businesses to do better in all facets and how buyers are becoming more shrewd when it comes to greenwashing and shallow marketing ploys. We’ll cover the growth of ‘Social Commerce’ and the advent of shoppable content, made possible through live streaming. I’ll touch on the importance of adopting a hybrid model by running your businesses online and in-person in ways that complement each other. We’ll also discuss the ongoing value of loyalty and how good feedback and a variety of payment options can help keep customers coming back again and again.