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The Resilient Retail Game Plan

Sep 9, 2021

Whilst big retail isn’t exactly going anywhere, we’re seeing more and more that customers want something that mass-produced products and high street giants generally can’t offer - to be part of a journey when it comes to the consumer experience. 

Whether it’s getting their hands on something handmade and unique or voting with their wallet by buying locally and sustainably, consumers are savvy and know that it’s small, independent businesses that they need to go to for gift-able treats, purpose-led products and exciting exclusives. 

But as you may have experienced yourself, getting in front of those potential customers is a whole other story - in today’s episode we look at how bringing big retail and small brands together is ultimately a win-win for all involved.

My guest today is Matt Hopkins who, whilst working for big retailers like John Lewis, met lots of great brands struggling to get their products to markets. It was on the back of this discovery that in 2014 Matt formed The Great British Exchange with the explicit goal of bringing the best of smaller British brands to a much broader customer base, from food and beverage to housewares, by offering various routes to market including traditional wholesale and in-store pop-ups.

In episode 58 of The Resilient Retail Game Plan, we discuss the importance of stories, the power of selling face-to-face and how your success all comes down to preparation, research and execution.

Get in touch with Matt about working together at and you can follow and connect with The Great British Exchange at: