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The Resilient Retail Game Plan

Sep 23, 2021

With just under 100 days left until Christmas Day, I’ve got my festive fingers crossed that with a little help from The Resilient Retail Game plan you’re feeling well prepared for the busy Christmas sales season. 

If you’ve got your stock levels sorted and your marketing scheduled now is the time now to look ahead for bottlenecks - to see if you can anticipate and pre-empt pinch points and tackle them head-on by being practical and resourceful.

The crunch you experience in your business at Christmas is usually indicative of how your business will feel and handle as it grows, so it makes a lot of sense to put measures in place to make your life as a business owner easier and more streamlined now.

In episode 60 of The Resilient Retail Game Plan, we’ll discuss the importance of estimating your Xmas sales numbers, working out staff requirements and improving workflow by reviewing your workspace, as well as looking at how automation can do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to dealing with your customer base.